About Us

Gazingy Interactive is a developer and publisher of video games, creating immersive gaming experiences for mobile devices. Founded in The Netherlands in 2010, we create games that entertain and connect players from all over the world. Our games are challenging, incredibly fun and bring core gaming fantasies to life on mobile. The Gazingy crew are a humble and high integrity team of video game professionals who are obsessed with entertaining our audience. We care deeply about our community of players and slo our professional network and footprint in the gaming industry.

Our studio is best known for producing: “Folded Flyer”, “Joe Cable” and “Aztec Temple Quest“​ played by well over a million players. Check out our full portfolio of games and projects.

Tim Vogel
CEO & Co-Founder

Tim has 10+ years experience in mobile games and consumer apps. In marketing lead roles at App Annie, BUX and Spil Games, Tim has built teams for app publishing and mobile user acquisition at scale.

1000+ hour games: WoW / Timesplitters / Marathon

``A Word From the Founder``

Having a lifelong passion for video games, it’s been an incredible journey to grow Gazingy and entertain players all over the world through mobile (first) games. We’ve always put ‘fantasy first’ and create fun and immersive gaming experiences. At the same time it has been fantastic to establish Gazingy Interactive within the game development community; being an employer of talent but also supporting charities, industry associations and gaming education for over a decade.

– Tim Vogel

Our History

Gazingy Interactive rebranded in 2018 building on a rich history in smartphone game development. Previously the studio was known as “Infinity Lane Games“ dating back to 2010 when we developed exclusively for Apple’s first iPhones and iPads in Unity3D.

First Office (2012)

First Booth (2010)

Level Design (2013)

GDC Europe (2018)

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