Grow your professional career at Gazingy

Working at Gazingy

It takes amazing people to create amazing games! Working at Gazingy means being passionate about what you do and about inspiring gamers all over the world. We care deeply about our players, the games industry and about creating an incredible working environment for employees. Everyone working at Gazingy is encouraged to inspire, to challenge and to take initiative. We also support you in your personal development and ambitions.

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At Gazingy we work with the latest and greatest in technology. Some of our partners and leading industry tools we use are:

[ia_heading size=”0″]Benefits[/ia_heading]

  • Competitive salary.
  • Fully Remote work with flexible working hours.
  • Budget & opportunities for personal development.
  • A team of talented people around you.
  • Fun and creative game franchises to work on.
  • Build games enjoyed by millions of players.
  • Fun company outings & Events.
  • Ownership and responsibility empowering you to make a difference.

[ia_heading size=”0″]Living in the Netherlands[/ia_heading]

The Netherlands has a strong economy creating and hosting some of Europe’s biggest companies  like Booking, Philips, Adyen, WeTransfer, Uber, Tesla, ING, Netflix etc. It’s seen by many international and US based companies as a ‘gateway to Europe’ offering excellent infrastructure and connections into mainland Europe. The working culture is fairly relaxed with plenty of flexibility in terms of working hours and work/life balance. The Dutch are known for their direct communication and commercial spirit, but also for being a tolerant and internationally open minded nation. The Netherlands has a diverse economy and people are widely accustomed to speak English.

Gazingy is based in Zwolle: a city located in the North-East of the Netherlands. Zwolle is the capital city of the province Overijssel, known for strong economic growth as well as being one of the ‘greenest’ cities in the Netherlands. It’s a city that offers a lot economically as well culturally, with a rich history, lots of universities and media companies. It hosts one of the countries’ biggest yearly music festivals. Housing in Zwolle in general is affordable and spacious.