Folded Flyer takes-off in 2021 with a massive update

Old but not forgotten; Gazingy’s flagship mobile game “Folded Flyer” has just received a major update. The game originally launched way back in 2012 on all iOS devices, but kept its charm throughout the years with a stream of updates up till 2019. Today’s 2.4 update marks another big release day in the history of Folded Flyer, making it fly into 2021 with style with a ton of improvements!


New Year, New Looks

We’ve once again greatly enhanced the game’s graphics to look stunning on modern iOS devices, among other new features and improvements. The most notable graphics improvements are the new lighting, reflections and other visual effects. In addition, the game has been fully updated to support all the latest iPhones, iPads and iOS14 features. Cleaning up bugs, issues and enhancing the overal performance, making the game feel fresh. Folded Flyer was also optimised to now make full use of the high-resolution retina screens; blocky distant objects now look razor sharp.


Many of the levels have been reworked with more fidelity, a better ‘flow’ and score balance. Including updates to the tutorial levels to better introduce new players to the game. The plane designer feature now has additional colors added, for more customisation options. Other changes include: higher quality music and audio, Apple Family Sharing for in-app purchases, improved animations and much more. A full official list of update notes:


General Improvements:
– Better UI alignment to accommodate for the latest iOS devices and high resolution screens.
– Additional colors added to the “Plane Designer”, for even more plane customisation options!
– Performance improvements for iOS14 and modern iOS devices such as the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro.
– Text updated throughout the game to provide more clarity and readability.
– Improved tutorial levels for a better introduction to the game.
– Balancing tweaks to several of “The Mansion” levels, improving the ‘flow’.
– Higher quality Sound FX and Music (sample rate).
– Many bugs fixed and several crashes resolved.
– The “Funky Plane Design Pack” and “Coin Doubler” in-app purchases now support Apple’s Family Sharing.

Enhanced Graphics:
– Many of the 3D graphics have been reworked with more fidelity and higher resolution textures!
– Greatly improved lighting, reflections and other visual effects.
– Improved animations; such as speeding up the intro animation at the start of each level.
– Increased environmental detail and enhanced support for upscaled screen resolutions.
– Fixed several graphics glitches such as floating 3D objects.


Be sure to once again pick up your favorite paper glider! Update or download Folded Flyer today on the AppStore.