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Check out our full article with key tips on how to become a playtester.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is playtesting?

Playtesting is all about trying and and then providing feedback on games that we currently have in development at Gazingy. It’s a unique way for you to give us early feedback to our games, to ultimately make them better for everyone!

What can I except after signing up?

Playtesting and feedback sessions are optional and can range from hours to several days of playing. Other times we might just ask for your quick opinion on decisions while we make our games. After signing up, you’ll periodically receive emails about tests to participate in. In all cases we use your feedback to improve our games.

What do I need to playtest games?

For our playtests we look for gamers who actually are or reflect players our games. This means you also don’t need anything specific in terms of equipment. You basically only need a gaming device to play games on, this can vary depending on the game and the gaming platforms it’s being developed. On some cases we may invite you to our office for testing or would ask you to connect your device to a testing environment, such as Apple’s TestFlight for iOS games. For more tips check out our full blog article.

Are there age restrictions for participating?

Anyone over the age of 18 can freely participate. Minors between the age of 3 and 18 are required to provide parental consent before participating in any playtest.

Are there age restrictions for participating?

Join the program by filling out the form below to start receiving playtest opportunities. You can participate on a case by case basis and you can always opt-out at a later stage.

What kind of rewards are available?

Playtesters are rewarded proportionally to the type or length of the sessions. Rewards can include money, vouchers, games or game content, and more. The type and value of the reward depends on the test and project. And of course contributing to game development and making the games better for everyone is a reward in itself! 🙂

How can I sign up to become a playtester?

Practically anyone can become a Gazingy playtester! We’re looking for all kinds of gamers, regardless of age, gender, background, experience etc. You also don’t need any  technical knowledge or background to participate.

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