Our Games

A block blaster puzzle game featuring pirates.

Paper planes have never soared like this before!

Blazing fast puzzle game that will put your memory to the test.

The most adventurous Match-3 puzzle game.

Meet “Joe Cable”; a clumsy power line technician who finds himself in dangling trouble.

Get your spade out and grab your gardening gloves, these fruity gardens need tending.

Crazy tower defence game featuring pirates and evil treasure looters.

More details coming…

Community Projects

From time to time we contribute to game development community by sharing game assets, knowledge or other forms of project contributions. Showcasing game art or technology. Below a selection of notable portfolio projects within the game development community.

Carte Blanche is a Unity Labs research initiative on VR-in-VR authoring tools for non technical users. Originally a virtual reality project to showcase Unity’s Experimental EditorVR. The project hosts a selection of art assets made by external game studios, including Gazingy Interactive.

Bungie’s classic “Marathon” FPS games were ported to iOS by software developer Daniel Blezek back in 2011, with approval of Bungie. Gazingy Interactive assisted with the initial launch of these games by supplying high-res 3D game textures as well as supporting with initial PR and marketing.